Map of the Crossing, illustrating the different stages of development

The Crossing Stage 2A & 2B

Tauranga Crossing is a regional shopping centre being developed in Tauranga, New Zealand. Upon completion, it will become the biggest shopping destination in the region.

New Zealand-based property group Tauranga Crossing Ltd is developing the facility with the aim of providing a unique shopping experience for the growing Tauranga community. The facility will include a power centre, a retail centre, an enclosed mall, restaurants and bars.

About this project
May 2018
Ultra Fire
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About this Project

The project is being developed in three stages, with the $50m stage one opened in September 2016.

The $150m second stage of development is further divided into two phases, 2A stage 2B. Stage 2A was opened in October 2018, while stage 2B is currently underway with completion scheduled for April 2019. The planned third stage is expected to be completed by 2020.

Sprinkler Design NZ took on stage 2A & 2B using Revit to full design and coordinate with structure and other services for clash free construction.

Image of construction of Tauranga Crossing
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